Goodbye Dolls House x

I got my dolls house for Christmas 1999 and loved it; this is not the original house. The original was a Georgian town house, Chris s Mum and Dad bought me the basement to go with it when we told them we were expecting Jack. 

I had a lovely time on my maternity, building and decorating my house and basement but then 5 years later a flood damaged it. I was devastated after all that hard work, but fortunately the insurance paid for another one. It was beautiful but not the same as my original one, however I did enjoy decorating and furnishing it.

I am so lucky to have two wonderful healthy boys but of course they are never going enjoy my beautiful dolls house. So it just sits in my lounge looking pretty but unloved and cherished how it should be.

So when our close friends Stephen and Leanne told us they were going to be parents, I told Leanne if they got a girl she could have my dolls house. 

Today was the day, Jessica is now 18 months old a came to collect her new dolls house. I felt so sad packing it up for her. I had decided that as it came in two parts I would keep the smaller house, and keep all the furniture that had sentimental value.

I am so glad the larger house has gone to a new home; where it will be played with and enjoyed by Jessica. Leanne has decided to furnish it with play furniture from ELC and save the miniatures I have sent for when Jessica is older. This is a great idea, as she will get to play with the house and hopefully get many hours of enjoyment from it. I would never have dreamt of selling it, but I am happy that Leanne will ensure it is well loved. I know that Jessica will have many hours of fun with the house rather than it sat sad and un-played with in our home.


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