Where to Begin with Slimming World

After only starting slimming world this week I am still tying to get my head round it all.  I came away with the books and lots of useful information but now is the time to digest this info and put it in practice.

I had a banging headache yesterday and have put that down to two things; not drinking as much coffee and not having my usual breakfast bar (The healthy one, that was 8 sins!) I also went into a panic as we have friends coming to stay this weekend so how do I get round that without falling at the first hurdle.

I think the answer has got to be planning. So as today is my day off I took myself to the supermarket with my slimming world app and searched for healthy free foods. I only got a few bits as my Tesco delivery is due today but I really needed to get my head round healthier buying. Even though I thought I had been doing that all along. 

The app is great as you can put in any food and it tells you if it is free or has sin value. So I was able to check on food as I went along.

I have never liked tea but felt I needed something to drink at work instead of the copious amounts of coffee I drink. I found Twining’s, Cherry and Cinnamon tea, which is actually very nice. A bit like a non coffee version of a gingerbread latte. I know this is quite ridiculous but this has taken a weight off my mind, I was a bit of a grump at work yesterday without my gallons of coffee so this is a good substitute.

I also came across mug shots, they are free so on those days I feel like I am so hungry I could eat a student I can have one of these. I also discovered Knorr stock pots are free, that is great as I can use one of these with garlic to make mushroom chicken instead of wine.

So yes I am feeling better, I have decided to cook chili this weekend as I can have that with rice and salad. The others can all have garlic bread and sour cream too but I will be saving my sins for wine.


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  1. Donna Vallance
    25th April 2014 / 4:06 pm

    lol , thats funny , i have the mugshots they are good , please post more ideas as i don’t have the unto date books. my mum and sisters help out at slimming world so ill have to get them to send some tips, theres a wicked pulled pork one. i also like a slice of ham and scrambled eggs for lunch sometimes with asparagus. xx

  2. 25th April 2014 / 6:02 pm

    Will do and ham and scrambled eggs sounds really good, can you please get me the pulled pork one x

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