The Courage Tree, by Dianne Chamberlain

Eight-year-old Sophie Donohue just wanted to be like every other little girl. Which is why her mother, Janine, agreed to let her go on the weekend camping trip with her Brownie pack. However when Janine arrives to pick up Sophie after the trip, she is not there. Somehow, along the route, Sophie has disappeared.  The problem is Sophie is ill and needs medication to keep her alive. 

Janine’s parents and ex husband Joe initially blame her and she seeks support and courage from her parents gardener and her secret lover Lucas.

This book is great. I felt sick when Janine discovered Sophie was missing,it is every parents worst nightmare,and worried about Lucas’s interest in Sophie. And for this reason was gripped at her journey to find her. The book has some quite unexpected twists along the way, it really is a great read.