The Big Toy Cupboard Clear Out

Well, I vowed to clean out the toy cupboard at the beginning of the holidays and kept trying. Every time I opened the door, I shut it again. I knew it was going to new a massive job, what I did not realise was it would take a whole day.

A whole day with intermitted help from my children, Joe trying to wrestle old toys off me claiming he could not manage without them. A whole day squeezed in the toy cupboard with the company of Toby (the dog) who refuses to leave my side at any time even it means us both being totally squashed.

The Big Clear Out

It took 6 hours to empty and sort through what seemed like a huge mountain of rubbish, at times I had to be quite ruthless. I threw away 5 bin bags full of bits, broken toys, colouring books old games that have been split. 

I wouldn’t mind we have never over bought toys, I watch some people who feel quantity s they key at Christmas and Birthdays but that has never been our attitude. We have always chosen a few items they will love and enjoy. But they do have lots of people buying for them so toys quickly add up. 

The Big Clear Out

I started a charity shop bag that grew to 2 bags; I eventually ended up with 6 bags, a shelving unit and a huge box of books and puzzles.  Don’t get me wrong they still have a cupboard full, but they had soooo much Lego if they keep a 5th they will still have loads. There was also lots of dressing up clothes, books they are to old for, giant trucks, games the list in endless. 

What upset me was how much they had grown out of, books we loved, puzzles we enjoyed together, giant trucks I had nearly broken my ankles on several times all to babyish. Where have my babies, toddlers even little boys gone! 

The Big Clear Out

I found myself hiding a few of our favourite books and their old Toy story travel character set in the eaves, I could not bear to part with them. I felt I needed to keep something of my little boys. Chris justified it by saying keep them for the grand children; blimey I hope they are a long way in the future. I am still trying to get over todays trauma of them not being toddlers.

This tidying mission had become a huge reality check, don’t get me wrong, I love them at the stage they are at. They are fantastic company, funny and growing into well a rounded boy/teenager. We found all the playmobil vehicles and Joe has rekindled his love with them now they are all in one place. They can see what is in the cupboard, and I hope as there is less it should in theory stay tidier (who am it truing to kid)

The Big Clear Out
But what do we do with the 6 bags of toys and games, a shelving unit, and a huge box of books and puzzles? There are so many nice toys in there they have decided they want to try a car boot sale or to ebay them.

3 Years ago they did a huge ebay haul and raised 600 pounds between them! I know a fortune. That was all baby toys Fireman Sam, Peppa Pig etc, but I found it traumatic after ending up with an abusive ebay stalker that wanted something for nothing, (you know the type if you have ever ebay’d) On a positive note it funded 2 bland new ipad’s for them, which they still use daily.

I think I will choose a few things to sell on ebay let them have the experience of having their own car boot stall as they are excited at the prospect. God knows why! And sort a bag for the charity shop.


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