My Calf Diet Has Begun

Silly really that the thing that lead me to slimming world last night was my new Hunters Wellies but I suppose there has to be a trigger and that was mine. 

My Calf Diet Has Began

I was speaking to my very good friend Lianne about this last week and we agreed that we would go to slimming world. We have both previously been, and achieved great results. So decided in our bids to slim down for summer, and for me to be able to wear fluffy welly socks by December, we needed to take positive action instead of keep discussing it. 
So off we went to our first Slimming World Meeting. It was odd I am a confident person but I was so nervous and excited, and I thought Lianne was going to hyperventilate. I think it was the unknown and the big weigh-in. 

I went to slimming world about 6 years ago and at the time it just wasn’t for me and found it a bit intimidating. I did loosely follow the plan at home and lost a stone but then gave in.
My Calf Diet Has Began

However the consultant Janet was lovely, not at all patronising very supportive and open and made us feel so at ease. It was obvious everybody in the room felt the same. And some of these people were amazing so inspiring having lost loads of weight, and still so focused. 

In fact, when I left I felt had been to see a stand up comedian, the group were so lovely and such a laugh, I can now see if you get a great consultant why people return week after week.

So what did I learn last night?

   No wonder I am not loosing weight, my healthy breakfast bar is 8.5 sins(you can only  have 10-15 a day)

   Then of course there is the only one glass of wine I have with my tea every nights a largish glass so that is 5.5 sins

   The healthy microwave rice I have at work for lunch 4.5 sins

   The biscuit I have with my morning coffee 4 sins (its not even that big arghh)

   The little spoon of coleslaw I have with my salad about 3 sins

   The extra milk I have in coffee 4 sins.

So at absolute minimum 29.5 sins!!!! Blimey no wonder I am not loosing weight and those were the things I thought were healthy.

So I am a woman on a mission to reach my target and maintain it, I don’t want to be a stick insect that is never going to happen, but I do want to feel comfortable in my own skin. And wear the fluffiest welly socks in the world.

I am going to blog my progress to shame me into keeping it up, now I can look at it logically with the facts, I hope I can keep it up and get results, I certainly feel motivated to do so. I feel Lianne and I can support each other to attend each week.
So here’s too fluffy welly socks.


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