Map of the Day, Coping with lunch time injections.

I had to think of a way  to make dealing with diabetes at lunch time fun! Not easy to make being different, and administering an injection fun but there had to be a way.

Then I came up with map of the day, every day I put a little note in with Jacks packed lunch to tell him how many grams of carbohydrates are in his lunch. He can then put this data into his Aviva Expert Glucose Monitor to analyze his blood sugars and ratios to give him the correct prescription of insulin to administer.

Mini Map of the UK

I decided to tear these notes into the shape of mini maps of countries. Each day I did a different country and Jack had to guess the county. It was difficult some mornings to think of countries, or to tear the correct shapes, and a total nightmare on the days I slept in. It soon turned into a fun game, which Jacks teacher even got involved in each day, trying to guess the country.
Now Jack is at high school we no longer do map of the day, but it was a great when we needed something to boost Jack and help him accept his daily injections at school. It turned a chore into a game so I achieved what I set out to achieved; I made diabetes fun, if only for 5 minutes a day we turned a negative into a positive.

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