Frozen for 43 years !

Don’t you just love kids, now I do not have much patience?  But Joe’s level of impatience really is in another league! 
Recently he decided to change his passwords on his I pad and I pod. Now you think he would use the same password but no he decided for maximum security he would have a separate password for each gadget. 
Frozen for 43 years !

Clearly he has such confidential information being 8 years old, that he had to exercise extreme caution. The problem with this of course is that he then proceeded to forget one of the passwords, but no worries he decided to persist at trying again and again until he got the code correct. 

Frozen for 43 years !

I have no idea how many times he tried until the whole I pod completely disabled. When I first inspected it I didn’t take much notice I just thought it was frozen and would be ok in the morning. But on closer inspection I realized it would be frozen for 43 years!!! I know, I have no idea how he managed it. 

Frozen for 43 years !

Right I thought, I will plug the I pod into the mac, it will recognise the I pod and allow me to reset it. But no, I had to ring apple to help me through the process and go through security. I rang apple and spoke to a lovely lady called Monica, she was so helpful, if not a little dumbfounded at how he had managed to lock it for 43 years!  It then took a further hour to sort the reboot. Fortunately it is now unlocked and working.

Frozen for 43 years !

From now on I will set the password with strict rules that he cannot change it. I like to check content at regular intervals to ensure it is all suitable. I never dreamt even Joe could manage this, I don’t think he can grasp the fact that had we waited for the block time to run out, he would not have been able to use his I pod until he was 51 years old!!!!

Quick update! As I completed writing this post I caught the little monkey trying to change the password on his I pad. Activities like this are now outlawed in our home. It is now considered illegal to change a password without my full co operation and knowledge.
Grrr boys don’t you love them.


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