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Billy Bobs, The Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream Company

I visited the Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream Parlour with  Donna, Home is where the tart is., it it was windy day but not too cold.

We thought all the boys could do with burning a bit of energy and this is the perfect place. 

Yorkshire dales ice cream company

It is nestled near the Yorkshire dales in Skipton Yorkshire, if you didn’t know it was here you would never find it. But it’s a real gem. 

I am sat in the play barn, which is exactly as it says a huge barn full of hay and swinging ropes, perfect for kids to let their inner monkey out. If you have a nervous disposition this place is heart attack material but a total kiddie heaven, a bargain a £1 per child.
Once we had paid for the boys wristbands and they had charged into the hay, Donna and I bought ourselves a caramel latte and found a bench from where we could see our monkeys, chat and blog.

Yorkshire dales ice cream company

With is an American Diner concept, which is totally different to anywhere around here the attention to detain is amazing. It is split into four parts the Ice cream parlour/diner, Bus diner, Play Barn and Play area.
As Jack would say, “This place is epic” I have taken lots of photos so will show each part.
Firstly the play barn; two huge barns split into two sections. There is an under 7s and over 7s area, this is fantastic as you are not on pins about your children squashing, or knocking small ones over.
Yorkshire dales ice cream company
The barns are filled with hay bails, lots of swinging ropes and slides, a kid paradise. For us Mums and Dads there is a coffee, and cake bar which sells huge, delicious cakes and flavoured coffees to refuel.

The Bus Diner;

Wow a bus that is a restaurant what a fantastic idea, I can-not wait to eat there, as you can see it looks just like an old American School bus, the real deal American Experience.

Yorkshire dales ice cream company

As you walk round the corner to the Diner and play area you can hear the 50s American music playing,

I love the era and it feels soooo authentic.  The play area is a combination of wooden climbing frames and vehicles, trains, trucks, cars and castles. Kids love it, this is more for the younger children, up to the age of 8 I would guess. A real creative imaginative play area, where you can see the children are really in the zone, almost a bit magical.

Yorkshire dales ice cream company

And last but by no means least the diner; it is 50s heaven, it even has an original air streamer within it. Walking in to the diner takes me one of my favorite films, Grease. You really could be in 1950s America.
 Yorkshire dales ice cream company

 The whole atmosphere, music, decor and staff, is amazing.

We bought ice creams and the options were endless, Donna and I were so excited by the choices that the children looked almost embarrassed. And at £10.40 for 6 ice creams not at all expensive. We had a great day, I just wish I had eaten and cannot wait to go back, Watch this space.

Yorkshire dales ice cream company





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