Alice Nutter, The Pendle Witch

This weekend I took a good friends to see Alice in Roughlee Village.

 The statue was designed and created by local artist and architectural steel engineer David Palmer, of DP Structures Ltd. It was put in place in 2012 To commemorate the 400th anniversary of the infamous witches trials.
Pendle Witches
In Lancashire this is something you learn in School as part of important local history, alongside the war of the roses. However although I know the story well, I have never really given it much thought, that was until I studied the sad look on Alice’s Face.
Pendle Witches
I know it is a piece of art.  But I found it so touching that someone had put flowers in her shackled hands, this is often the case. And now I have looked at Alice close up, and felt touched by her story. I fully understand why people do this.
Pendle Witches

The detail is stunning and so realistic, this poor Woman!

I mean could there ever be such a thing as witches. Do they exist in the form they claim she was. Or was she just an outspoken Lady, someone in the wrong place at the wrong time? Or someone who had been different and ostracised by society.

Pendle Witches
I have found a link on Visit Lancashire that outlines her story,
Some people really believe it to be true, but whatever the truth of the story we will never know. Just the horror and tragedy of how this local tale unfolds.
Pendle Witches

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