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A Port Day in Rome.

One of my favourite places I have visited when cruising has to be Rome, Italy is the oddest of places beautiful scenery, fields and fields of sunflowers, hustle and bustle and graffiti.  I could not get over the graffiti when we fist visited Rome. How on earth could anyone desecrate such a beautiful place and why don’t they clean to up? 

We have done a few tours of Rome but decided to go it alone last time, it was great have the flexibility to do and go exactly where we wanted to, without being ushered along by tour guides. It was easy getting the train it was a 5-minute walk from the port, and cost about 24 euros for the 4 of us. The train was comfortable and air conditioned, which made the 1-hour journey comfortable.

Our main aim of the day was to visit the Trevi Fountain, Chris’s Lovely Granddad had visited Rome during the war and had always told the family that throwing a coin in the Trevi Fountains ensures you will one day re visit Rome, and the fountain. Unfortunately he was never able to this in his lifetime so we decided his great grandchildren would this for him.

Keats Death Mask

Our first stop was the Spanish Steps I was so excited about visiting these but when we arrived they were partially covered with a stage and sectioned off, although I was quite disappointed my friend Donna decided it would be good to go into the Keats museum at the foot of the Spanish Steps. I must say I wasn’t keen but I am so glad we did.  

John Keats one of the greatest poets of all time had become sick with T.B in England, and decided to move to Rome and a warmer climate. Sadly he only lived for just over 3 months, and died peacefully in Rome. The museum is set out displaying all his works. It was very interesting and surprisingly all the children enjoyed it to.

The Stunning Trevi Fountain

Next stop the Trevi Fountain, it is so odd you just turn a corner and there it is in a small courtyard, not at all what I expected but completely breathtaking.  It is huge in scale and beautiful, so beautiful it almost seems a shame it is hidden in a courtyard. It was very busy there with lots of tourists throwing coins into the fountain. On researching this I discovered that an estimated 3,000 euros are thrown into the fountain each day. These funds are used to help provide food for Rome’s needy. That is a fortune, but great it is going to good use.

The Boys Throwing Their Coin For Their Grandad

The boys threw their coins into the fountain on behalf of their great granddad, it gave me a lump in my throat watching them.
I am sure great granddad Fred was smiling down on them, and with them in spirit.

Granddad Fred  in the tartan trousers.


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