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A Day in Naples, Cruising with Royal Caribbean

People have mixed opinions about Naples, I have a friend that would never get off the Ship when docking here, but I love Naples it is so beautiful, yes there is graffiti and litter, but every Italian town I have visited it like that, that is part of the charm.

A Day in Naples, Cruising with Royal Carribean


I love the whole atmosphere of Naples, we have been 3 times now and every time we have visited there has been an event, thus a real buzz in the air.

A Day in Naples, Cruising with Royal Carribean


Set to the backdrop of Mount Vesuvius, Naples is a mix of beautiful buildings built at different times in history, in a variety of styles. 
There is a fort overlooking the sea that gives you a real sense of history. Many people visiting Naples visit Pompeii, we did just this 5 years ago. Pompeii really is so extraordinary, when Vesuvius exploded it engulfed whole town and you can see that people did not have any warning as they were just frozen in time. It really is the most fascinating place.

 A Day in Naples, Cruising with Royal Carribean

I took this picture as we sat and ate lunch in a pizzeria, we couldn’t believe how close all the buildings were. It was an odd little street and we sat people watching for quite a while, whilst we ate our delicious pizza. 

One lady rang a bell for an apartment on the top floor and someone threw out a rope, to which she attached her shopping basket and they pulled it up on a pulley. It was unbelievable, the boys could not comprehend that there was no lift.
A Day in Naples, Cruising with Royal Carribean

Naples is beautiful city that I look forward to visiting again. It has heart and character, lots to look at, including many beautiful little bars and cafe’s to sit and people watch, my idea of a perfect Italian afternoon.

A Day in Naples, Cruising with Royal Carribean

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  1. Eva Victoria
    19th April 2014 / 9:14 am

    I think Naples is beautiful but I can completely understand why some people would want to avoid it… Not so much because of the graffiti and litter, but more due to the high rate of crime in the city, I think. P.S. Not every Italian city is like that, have you ever been in the north? Milan, Florence, Verona, Venezia? I’ve never noticed trash in the streets there. Eva xo

  2. 19th April 2014 / 9:37 am

    No, I have only visited Cities on the Southern coast and Sicily and Sardinia, but thank you I will aim to visit on these. We have been lucky and not been affected by crime. But then I suppose you could say the same of most cities. Sarah x

  3. 28th January 2016 / 7:53 am

    I just absolutely love Italy, I am resolved to booking a trip with the kids this year! Definitely a must do!

    • SarahJChristie
      28th January 2016 / 9:46 pm

      Karen I love Italy to, there is something about the atmosphere that just gets me every time x

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