100 Happy Days, Day 37, Jacks Diabetes Review.

For day 37 I am choosing Jack, we went to see his consultant and the diabetic team today for Jack’s 3 monthly check up. At the clinic up they weigh and measure Jack to ensure he is growing correctly, discuss any concerns or issues he may have. And most importantly Jack has a test called a HbA1c. 

This test is able to check the glucose/sugar levels of Jacks blood, and is able to understand his levels for the last 12 weeks, so it is hugely important; if this is right we are on the right track for Jacks long-term health.

Jacks readings today were 7.6 this is fantastic as they have gone down slightly from last time. A non-diabetic person should be between 4-7 so 7.6 is great for Jack. 

I am so proud of him, from day 1 he has dealt with diabetes in a positive manner, he takes responsibility of his situation and it has not affected his lifestyle one little bit, yes it can be hard work some days and a bit of a pain but he just takes it all in his stride. Well-done Jack, great results, you have worked hard to achieve them.

The fantastic thing is we have amazing support from the diabetic team, his School, family, friends and Jacks friends and their parents. With people like that around you can’t fail really can you.


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  1. Suzanne W
    19th May 2014 / 6:17 pm

    This is fantastic news! It must be such a stress for you but I guess very important that you get older children to take the responsibility for themselves. Great news Jack! Thanks for linking up to #loundproud

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