100 Happy Days, Day 18, My Rhododendron Has Flowered

I woke up today and my Rhododendron bush has flowered. We have been in our house for nearly 4 years now, when we moved in I was so happy to see the garden had a Rhododendron bush. 

When my Granddads ashes were spread my Nan planted a Rhododendron bush with them as they flower in April, this was my Granddads Birthday. I always feel so happy when I see the first flower on the bush as it makes me think of my Granddad Tom. And every day it flowers after that it just makes me smile and feel like he is near.

I don’t think it should be a morbid thing to remember people, but should make you happy. And looking at these flowers does. Granddad was a real mans, man. So not too sure he will be loving the pink ha ha. But he did love his garden, when I was younger he would spend hours walking me round his garden telling me all about it. But of course I was younger then and never got the garden loving thing. But I loved the fact it made him so happy.

100 Happy Days, Day 18, My Rhododendron Has Flowered


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