100 Happy Days, Day 10

I know this is a glass of wine but my 100 days happy is my Wonderful Husband Chris, I woke up in a foul mood and it has stayed with me all day like a cloud.  I am generally a very happy, enthusiastic glass half full type of a person but today I feel like the glass is smashed!

I have always suffered with bad PMT generally for 2 days a month, but during these days I feel a bit like I am on a knife’s edge. If you told me my hair looked great, I would take it as a sarcastic remark. Don’t get me wrong I am not mean or anything more like a bear with a sore head. Why does it affect some of us ladies like this, it is so annoying grrrr.

Chris is wonderful he backs off and leaves me to it,  rather than irritate me, I suppose experience has taught him not to over the years.  Tonight he made me a nice glass of wine, made dinner and lit the fire ready for me to chill. Thanks Chris xx

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