The Other Woman,Well; Football Team!

I vowed to keep this a football free zone but at the moment to have 10 minutes without football discussion in my home is impossible.  You see Chris is a staunch Burnley Fan and has been since a child, he follows every move they make, deliberates every decision the team makes like he is the 2nd manager. And the tragedy is this is rubbing off on the boys. 

Getting their first ever season ticket

I am all for having a hobby in life but I almost see Burnley Football Club as the other Woman! Don’t get me wrong she is never going to get him to leave me and support her financially, more of a mistress he has set up in a little flat somewhere. 

I go back to when we were newlyweds. One Sunday morning as we were sat in bed reading the Sunday papers,(wow I forgot I used to have such luxuries, as sitting in bed reading in the day)

Chris told me the entire history of Burnley Football Club, I polity listened but yawned and stared into space a lot hoping he would get the hint that I could not care less, but he carried on and within a very painful hour I knew the whole history of the club. 

Joe’s Birthday Cup Cakes

When I had Jack we never found out whether he would be a girl or boy, Chris would have loved either but his face when he knew he had a boy. I could see it in his eyes he was imagining sitting on the terraces with him already.

Then he produced something he had prepared earlier a Burnley Teddy! Jacks first ever toy was wearing a claret and blue scarf.  Now this seemed to turn into an epidemic as all Chris’s friends in turn kindly sent gifts, most of which were Burnley related, baby grows teddies, mini hats and scarfs, and the scariest which I am sure is enough to scar any child for life is a Bertie Bee teddy, he is the Burnley mascot and quite frankly looks like something out of a bee horror movie.

The terrifying thing is my children as they have grown up, have actively sought him out to have photos with him. And even invited him to their birthday parties, and generally held him is an esteemed hero like status. 

Bertie Bee!

Then came the season tickets, they now all hold one; and the season ticket is in control of the family diary. If there is a ticket with a date on, that date is generally out of bounds. And every match is an important one.

A couple of years ago my birthday fell on a Saturday, however disaster struck and there was a ticket in the book for the same day.  Chris’s logic was (you don’t mind celebrating on Sunday this year do you? or I could get you a match ticket?) Really clever of him as he knew I would rather celebrate on Sunday than go to the match. 

I have tried to go to the football, but I just don’t get it. When everyone is oooing and aaahing I haven’t a clue what they are looking at, the only thing I get is a goal and offside, that’s it.  And now there is a chance of Burnley going to the premiership, talk of it is constant, and if I hear them all sing Ginger Mourinho one more time I think might scream. 

In conclusion; I have found myself involuntarily following Burnley’s progress, I think I have been cognitively conditioned to care! I love the fact they have a hobby they enjoy together, Joe does not attend every match but does use his ticket occasionally.

It is great that they bond over football and are creating many Father, Son memories that they will all cherish forever. Me; I have to accept my Birthday has to be moved occasionally, but I draw the line at one thing; if they EVER get tickets to the Mothers Day meal at the Football Club, they can go on their own. But I don’t think even Chris is that brave.


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