Testing Blood Sugar Levels

Now we were coming to terms with the concept of Diabetes, we had to get a grip on Jack’s Sugar levels, Jacks wonderful nurses suggested we try the Aviva Expert Bolus System, this amazing little machine actually seems to have a brain, it thinks for Jack. Anyone with a teenage boy knows this is priceless.

The home screen option on the Aviva Expert

The machine has to be set to know Jacks ratios of insulin per meal, Jack is on slightly different ratios for each meal, then he is able to put in the correct amount of carbs he is about to consume from his carbs and cals ap, This clever little machine is then able to work out his ratio, coupled with his current blood sugar level to give him an exact prescription of insulin he needs to inject.

It has the capability to run reports so you can see if your blood sugar levels a within your target levels for anything from 7 to 90 days this is great to identify how you are managing your diabetes.

The chart showing blood sugar analysis

Don’t get me wrong this must be monitored and at times, the setting and ratios need to be adjusted from time to time.  However it has great features such as a sports factor which at the click of a button will consider any sport Jack is about to undertake, thus prescribing less insulin if he is active. This little meter has made life so much easier and less complicated for Jack leaving him to worry about all the things teenage boys worry about and enjoy a normal life.

To top it off; when we visit Jacks consultant he is able to plug the Aviva Expert into his pc and get an accurate reading of Jacks sugar levels, and insulin activity. He knows form this exactly when Jack is following the rules and when there are errors or Jack is eating to much. 

This is a great feature with teenagers as it identifies exactly when they are creeping in that cream egg they shouldn’t be, this has happened! Jack was dumbfounded he got found out. 
Don’t get me wrong it is not about spying it is about keeping Jack healthy and educated long term. With this meter and Jacks determination, I am confident we can do this.


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