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My New Pink Diamond GHD’s

About a month ago my ever faithful GHD,s of 8 years gave up on me. Now as a hairdresser you would have thought I could have managed, but no I went into a absolute panic, I had visions of me going about everyday life with over frizzy mushroom hair. 

My hair is actually naturally curly I embrace my curls 5 days a week, and let my hair go curly and at times completely wild. Don’t ask me why but for 2 days I like controlled sleek, shiny and smooth hair. 

So I was sent in a spiral of panic at the thought of not being able to follow my usual hair styling routine. Quite shallow and selfish when you consider other issues going on in the world I know, but as a hairdresser I have been brainwashed that  it is totally unacceptable to have a day off styling your hair ever! 

To top it off it was college holidays so my usual avenue of supply was completely closed aaghhh. 
Fortunately my friend Kelly from scissors Hair Salon Burnley came to my rescue, she had in stock a set of pink diamond GHD,s even better, £10.00 of every pair sold go to breast cancer charity. Something GHD endeavor to do every year to support this worthy charity. 

The pink diamonds are so stylish and the difference between these and my old faithfuls is noticeable. The plates are much smoother, and as a bonus they look absolutely fantastic. And they are now dual voltage, a huge benefit as my old faithfuls never ever worked in America, as this is my favourite place in the world to travel; it means I won’t have bad hair days, most days, next time I visit. Also check out the new pastel styler and wonderland styler.

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