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Joe my 8-year-old son is constantly coming out with the most hilarious and sometimes odd statements.  The tragedy of it is we laugh hysterically at the time then forget within weeks. 

I want to remember these gems for when he is older! Or when I am older, either way they are memories I don’t want to forget. What better place to save those memories than here.

So here goes, Joe’s world part 1:

This morning whilst I was styling my hair Joe came in looking a bit confused.

“The scales are broken,” he told me. “Why do you think that?” I asked.

“Well” Joe replied ” I weighed myself on one leg and I was 4 stone, then I weighed myself on the other leg, that was 4 stone too. Then  I weighed myself on both legs, I was still only 4 stone. I should have been at least 8! We need to get Dad to fix those when he gets home.” At this he shook his head and walked out the room. Bless.


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