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Holiday Survival Kits.

We have traveled long distance with our children since they have been a young age, whether it be by car or plane. It has always been important to make the journey fun for the boys and as stress free as possible for us.

The fist time we took Jack on a long haul flight it was traumatic for us all. He kicked and screamed and created all the way through a connecting flight to Heathrow airport between  Manchester and Orlando.
So much so the lady sat in front of us was becoming irate, this made Chris and I upset and irate which in turn made Jack worse.  It was so bad we almost never got on the flight to Orlando.

Thus the Holiday survival kit was born, we decided we never wanted to experience the humiliation of everybody on the plane staring at us wishing that  someone would throw our screaming child out of the plane window to gives their bleeding ears a rest.

The kit consists of ;
1. A small suitcase, Joe has a frog case from Sky flight like the one below, everywhere we go people stop us to ask where they can get one. He is so proud of it.

2. A pack of characters. The ones below are the Monsters University play set from the Disney Store costing £15.00, these are great for playing with around and in the pool to.


3. A coloring set, this Muppet’s coloring set is £10.00 from the Disney Store

4. Raisins or Cereal Bar ( Best with no colourings or sugar to prevent children being on the plane roof )

5. A sticker book

6. A travel game, we love UNO and are actually quite competitive when playing.

This kit has saved our sanity over the years, We keep it secret until we set off on the journey, of course Jack is older now but Joe still gets sooo excited!  And a big part of setting off on Holiday has always been the excitement of the Holiday Survival Kit.


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