Guest Coat Hooks

Up until a year and a half ago coming into our hallway was like entering a wardrobe into Narnia. You had to fight through a two feet of coats to pass through the hallway, to finally fall into our home. Our hallway is by no means tiny, but the mound of coats made it feel dark and small.


One day when spring cleaning I emptied the coat hook, and not only founds coats for every possible weather scenario for all the Men of the house. But sweaters and hoodies, in every size and colour, it seems they were using the hallway as a downstairs wardrobe.

Looking back maybe I overreacted a tad, I snapped I was sick of my depressing wardrobe/ hallway. I wanted a chic hallway with clean lines and no sportswear.

As of that day it became a criminal offence to for a member of the household to so much as touch the guest coat hooks. I emptied the under stairs cupboard and made a home for their coats there. I made them throw out coats they no longer wore.

And made it clear deviating from the cupboard meant trouble. It took a few weeks but eventually they got the message loud and clear.

Please understand I by no means rule the roost being the only female in the house. For example you will need a magnifying glass to find pink in our home, the Men of the home don’t seem able to mentally cope with living in a home with any pink, they panic if I so much as pick up a pink item in a home shop. I suggested hot pink towels for the bathroom last year; you should have seen the terror in their eyes at the thought of using a pink towel.

Once the coat hook was free of 2 feet of coats we noticed it was a horrible orange pine colour. Chris painted it white and washed it with grey and I dressed it with hearts. Friends smile when they visit as they think I am mad having guest coat hooks. But most of the time my hallway is tidy and free of coats. And when we are lucky enough to enjoy a house full of family or friends they now have somewhere to put their coats.


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