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From Babies to Boys

Being new to the blogging community I have spent hours reading and following other peoples blogs, and have been struck by the lack of people discussing life with older Children, there are reams and reams of lovely blogs writing about toddlers and babies. I have not seen many talking about older children, and teenagers. 
From Babies to Boys

They must be out there surely; I just haven’t found them yet. I have read quite a few Mummy blogs about younger children and they are great, bringing back many happy memories. Isn’t it funny how you see sleepless nights, and potty training through rose tinted glasses when it over.
I think I must have spent those years in autopilot, however now I have survived them I look back at them fondly wondering where the time went.

From Babies to Boys

The world through the eyes of a child is so different, than a world through the eyes of a baby, my boys’ personalities and outlooks on life are so different, and they definitely define the saying like chalk and cheese. 
I Thought I would look at the changes that happen when our children grew from babies to boys, and how these changes have affected our lives. I remember thinking, I can’t ever imagine not being in the baby toddler stage. Maybe this is why some people have more children, but as it has passed me by, I can’t ever imagine being back in it.
1. Sleeping patterns
This is easy I choose older children all day long; Chris and I did not have a proper nights sleep until Jack was 5. Then Joe came along, he was easier but still found going to bed a major inconvenience. I remember being sat on my bed,4 hours into controlled crying wondering if this would ever end.
This problem has completely flipped on its head now, I would say yes at times sleeping is still an issue, however now I cannot get them out of bed. I have to start calling Jack 20 mins before he is needed out of bed for successful results. I have to physically lift Joe out of bed and stand him on his feet; I can not be doing that for much longer though he is getting heavy. But it does work. 
From Babies to Boys
2.  Dressing
I remember when Jack was in reception I once drove him to School in his underpants because he would not get dressed. Needless to say, when I pulled over before we got to school, he did decide it was better to get dressed. But from being born he screamed whenever he got changed. Joe liked being in just pants, we struggled keeping clothes on him. However it was lovely to choose cute trendy clothes to dress them in, I never co ordinated them in the same outfits but loved choosing their clothes. 
Now they love sportswear, I have a huge dislike for sportswear. I hate tracksuits! Sports wear aside, Jack is easy to dress as long as its navy, grey or black! Soooo boring. Joe is a better but likes to choose his own clothes and is quite fussy.
From Babies to Boys
Gone are the days of dressing up
3. Eating out
We have always eaten out with them, I remember the stress of them screaming as babies, or needing changing just as our food arrive. Then they got to toddler stage, and always needed the loo as our food arrived, yet madly we persisted.  I remember climbing under restaurant tables collecting all the food from the floor they had dropped so the staff did not have to clean up after us. 

Now I love eating out with them, they are such great company, are getting less fussy with food and can wit till we have eaten our meal till they go to the loo.

From Babies to Boys

4. Traveling
Gosh when I remember the kit you have to pack when you go on holiday with babies or toddlers, I actually can’t believe we could be bothered to go on holiday. Bottles, sterilising tablets, calpol, nappies, wet wipes, car seats the list is endless. And then when they cried on an Airplane, everyone looked at you liked they want to throw you off the plane mid-air.

Now it’s so easy, give them a holiday survival kit and they are happy, they love watching films on the plane so most of the time they are on another planet for the whole flight, leaving us to enjoy a glass of wine.
From Babies to Boys

In reflection I loved the baby and toddler stage, I dreaded it ending but now we are through it I wonder how we survived. We now have more time for each other as a couple, and time for ourselves as individuals. It has been fantastic watching our cheeky toddlers grow into well rounded polite boys who,s company we enjoy and love standing time with.


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