Day 7, 100 Happy Day

Day 7.

Today can only be one thing;  Being a Mum.

It is my favourite Job I have ever done. I find it incredibly hard some days, making the correct decisions that could affect the rest of their lives.  Disciplining when I want to laugh, guiding on the correct path that is not lead by my own dreams, but  centred around their hopes and dreams, and guiding them away from making  poor choices.

 So much pressure  to make them into well rounded thoughtful young men. I think judging by their behaviour,  now trust me I am under no illusions that my children are angels. I really believe anyone that thinks that is totally delusional, because who is perfect?  But they are on the right track to being the Men I hope they one day will be, kind, happy, thoughtful,  healthy, and successful in whatever they want to achieve in life.


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