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When Jack was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes he was put on a fixed dose of insulin 3 times a day at meal times, this could be quite restrictive on certain occasions; such as eating out and having a pudding etc as he could only consume a certain amount of carbohydrates.

From day one he coped extremely well with all the information, and adapting to his new way of life. He was also incredibly lucky to have in my opinion the best diabetes team behind him, who encouraged him to change from fixed dose to carb counting. This is where he adds the carbohydrates of every meal together and works out how much insulin to inject.

This is a much more thorough and effective way of living with diabetes, carb counting allows you to have ultimate control over your blood sugar levels. Jack still injects before every meal, but now is able to inject an exact amount of insulin to work with the food he eats. This has helped his ability to be responsible and control his diabetes.

To aid him manage carb counting we bought the Carbs & Cals app, and book, they are very visual and easy to use. Jack is able to work out how many carbs in each portion of food or drink and build his meal(see images below). It is great when we eat out as Jack  is able to show a waiter of Chef images on his phone and they can tell him portion sizes before he injects insulin.

This app is also fantastic to track diet or fat and sugar intake, but for Jack it makes his life so much easier, and help him to control his diabetes.


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